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Legislative Update on AB1306

As CNMA counts down the days to our first hearing on AB 1306 in the Assembly Business & Professions Committee, there has been a tremendous amount of behind the scene activities. 

The leadership of CNMA briefed Assembly Member Autumn Burke on the practice of midwifery and the importance of the bill she is carrying for the Association. We were very pleased with the Assembly Member’s understanding of the issue and strong advocacy for passage of the bill. We are very fortunate to have a strong legislative author for this potentially contentious issue!

The AB 1306 “background paper” has been completed and is on-line for use in your individual lobby efforts on the bills ( Please use this when meeting with your local legislator(s) and allied groups that may assist our efforts in passing AB 1306. It is very important our “message” be consistent when advocating for the bill. Also, please clear any letters-to-the editor or Op-Ed columns through the CNMA leadership prior to submitting to your local newspaper. Again, consistency in messaging is important. We would not want something printed that could be used against our efforts.

Those residing in the districts of members of the Assembly Business & Professions Committee have had meetings with the legislator or key staff in support of SB 1306. We could not emphasize more strongly the importance of in-district meetings by constituents in favor of the bill. These meetings have gone well. Many are not well-versed on the practice of midwifery, so these meeting provide an opportunity for education.

Clear Advocacy has begun to meet with the offices of the Assembly Business & Professions Committee members. This will be completed prior to CNMA Lobby Day. Clear Advocacy will meet again with committee members after lobby day once the bill is actually set for hearing. Counting in-district meetings, lobby day and lobbying by Clear Advocacy, members of the committee will have been met with as many as 4 times on the bill prior to  a vote on AB 1306.

Clear Advocacy has also begun meeting with other association lobbyists that have an interest in the AB 1306, including the California Medical Association. 

CNMA Lobby Day is around the corner. We have conferred with the your CNMA leadership over many hours preparing for the day. Nearly 100 CNMA members have registered for the day at the Capitol (!  We have secured meetings with legislative offices for those CNMA members attending Lobby Day.  Those legislators without constituents attending will have information in support of AB 1306 left by CNMA members. The day will close with a reception for Lobby Day participants at the office of Clear Advocacy.  

Posted By CAEditor | 4/3/2015 6:44:12 PM