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Legislative Advocate's Update

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Legislative Advocate’s Update 


While the nation zigged at the polls in November, California zagged, with Democrats sweeping all Constitutional Offices and retaining a near-2/3 Democrat majority in both Senate and Assembly. 

So, what does this mean for nurse-midwives? It means very little will change in the Capitol environment for most legislative activities. What is changing is legislative leadership in three of the four legislative caucuses—Senator Kevin DeLeon will preside over the Senate; Assemblymember Toni Atkins will preside over the Assembly (transitioned in at the end of the session); Assemblymember Kristin Olsen will take over the reigns at the Assembly GOP caucus (while Senator Bob Huff continues leading the Senate GOP caucus). Legislators and legislators-elect are taking a breather from the rigors of campaigning and are largely in their districts until returning for session in January. This is an excellent time to either meet them (or their staff) in their district or, if you’ve already established a relationship with them, congratulate them and share the issues on your mind. 

The new Legislative Session will convene for organizational purposes the day of December 1, and then commence in full on January 5, 2015, and will run until (likely) September 11. All of us at Clear Advocacy are thrilled to represent the nurse-midwife profession and are eager to further increase the profile of the association and its members. To that end, your legislative advocates, Peter, Fred, and Kevin, have been meeting with legislators and their staff throughout recess to establish liaison and to start the education process for them of the issues they may see in 2015, in particular the quality and value of care provided by nurse-midwives and potential means by which access to CNM care could be increased. The deadline for bills to be introduced is February 27th, when we will be able to get a complete lay of the land then. 

On a final note, we as lobbyists depend on information about what’s going on not only around the Capitol, but also around the state and rely heavily on credible Internet sites and social media. One site in particular we would encourage anybody interested in state politics and affairs to follow is one of our staples, Rough and Tumble It’s an online version of a statewide political newspaper and we read it first thing each morning. 

Again, it’s a privilege to represent your profession and we look forward to a strong 2015 for you. 

Posted By CAEditor | 11/9/2014 8:52:01 PM