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Currently a student nurse-midwife?  Meet your CNMA Board Student Rep HERE.

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Midwifing the student: creating an effective learning environment

A new article in the Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health compares the qualities for effective precepting to the qualities required in providing midwifery care. Both guide transformative processes, and both require skillful communication, feedback, and evaluation. Poor precepting can aggravate the nervous self-doubt and anxiety of the novice learner; good precepting can inspire a flourishing career.  READ MORE 

Continuing Education Offerings


Did you know?  ACNM CEUs qualify for use in renewing your license with the BRN.

RX Schedule II Course (for CNMs)

Note: This is a 2-hour course designed to meet requirements for CNMs. NPs are required to take a 3-hour course.  If you are an NP, please visit the California Association of Nurse Practitioners website.

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Want to know if your current California nurse-midwife furnishing license includes Schedule II medications? Go to the Department of Consumer Affair's BReEZe site and click on "Verify a License" under the Consumers section on the left. Search by your name or license number, then click on "Nurse Midwife Furnishing" under License Type. If you are licensed to administer Schedule II substances​ in California​, it will say Specialty: Controlled Substances II.

The federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) may verify your furnishing privileges via the BRN's website and can deny you a DEA number if your California furnishing license does not include Schedule II medications. However, even if your DEA registratioincludes Schedule II medications, you are not allowed to furnish Schedule 2 medications until your California BreEZe registration also specifies Schedule II substances in your furnishing section. Both need to be in place. 

California Nurse-Midwifery Education Programs

San Diego State University

SDSU Nurse-Midwifery Education Program and Women's Health Nurse Practioner Program

Program Type: Masters

5500 Campanile Drive

San Diego, CA 92182-4158

(858) 551-1049

Director: Lauren P. Hunter, PhD (ed), CNM

University of California, San Francisco


Program Type: Post-Masters Certificate, Masters, 3-yr non-nurse to Masters

2 Koret Way, Box 0606

San Francisco, CA 94143

(415) 476-1435

Directors: Kim Q. Dau, CNM, MS

California State University, Fullerton

Certified Nurse-Midwife, and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Programs

Program Type: Masters 

School of Nursing, EC-190 

800 N. State College Blvd. 

P.O.Box 6868 

Fullerton, CA 92834-6868

Director: B. J. Snell, CNM, PhD

*For a complete list of CNM and CM programs, please visit the ACNM's list of Midwifery Programs.

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