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CNM/LM Dual Licensure in California- Part 2

In an interesting coincidence given our blog post last week, the Medical Board of California has announced last minute that they are holding an "Interested Parties Meeting" in regard to CNM/LM Dual Licensure. An interested parties meeting is usually held to gather public opinion and perspective on an issue before engaging in rule-making (writing of regulations). In this case, the Medical Board would write regulations that would create a pathway for CNMs to become LMs in the state of California. The Interested Parties Meeting is Thursday, August 7 in Sacramento, from 1-3p. More information can be found here.

Again, because of the legal gray areas, CNMA is not endorsing dual licensure, but we recognize that dozens of our members are seeking a pathway to practice as LMs without physician supervision. Removal of physician supervision for all certified nurse-midwives is our policy goal and the best way to resolve practice barriers.

Save the date for a CNMA Health Policy Update webinar; we will update members on efforts to remove physician supervision in California.

September 3, at 7pm
Stay tuned for more details and registration information!
Posted By CAEditor | 7/30/2014 12:18:02 PM