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CNM/LM Dual Licensure in California

Dear CNMA members:

Since the removal of "supervision" for Licensed Midwives in California, I have received several inquiries as to whether or not a CNM could apply for his/her LM license from the medical board and hold dual licensure. 

CNMA brought this issue to the Department of Consumer Affairs; lawyers from the Medical Board and the BRN conferred with each other and sent a letter in response to our questions: Midwifery Dual Licensure Scope of Practice Issues.

I am sharing it with you today with continued concern that the opinion is based on a simplified understanding of CNM and LM practice. The letter states that LM practice and CNM practice are mutually exclusive. However, it is still not clear how this would play out in practice. CNMA will be drafting a response to the BRN, but would like our members to help. Please send me ( your feedback, questions, concerns to be included in a response.

Of note, even though several CNMs have expressed interest in CNM/LM dual licensure, CNMA believes that the ultimate policy solution still lies in the removal of physician supervision for CNMs and are actively working to achieve this. Please stay tuned for updates!

Also of note, it is still unclear whether or not the Medical Board will be pursuing regulation to "fast track" CNMs as LMs. Stay tuned for more information.

Posted By CAEditor | 7/22/2014 8:35:43 PM