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Over 100 midwives visited members of our CA legislature on Tuesday, April 14 to lobby for AB1306. 

Not able to join us in Sacramento? 
You can still help lobby for and spread the word about AB1306.


AB1306 has passed out of the State Assembly and is now in the State Senate. Visit our In-District Advocacy Page for resources and advice on how to advocate for AB1306 in your home district.

You can also write a letter to your Senate member (CA State Senate) and start a letter writing campaign amongst your colleagues, friends and supporters of midwives.  We will be launching a voter voice campaign soon, but personal letters are always better received.  We have crafted sample letters below to get you started:

Templates: Letters in support of AB1306

Physician Letter of Support (Business and Professions Committee)

Find your CA Legislators HERE

AB1306 is Here!

CNMA is proud to announce legislation that will promote the same high quality, 

collaborative care that nurse-midwives have always provided, 

but without the barriers of supervisory language. 

We are also please to announce a new website dedicated to AB1306

Equity.  Current regulations make it difficult for nurse-midwives to practice equitable, team-based care. In effective team-based care, each provider is integral to the team and each is able to offer the full scope of what they have to offer, which ultimately provides better health care overall. The “supervision” concept creates a sense of hierarchy that is antithetical to effective team-based care. As providers tethered to physicians, CNMs are unable to promote midwifery care without supervisory permission. Physician supervision also fosters interprofessional tension because of the erroneous idea that the physician is legally responsible for the CNM’s actions.      

Visibility.  Midwives are often invisible within the healthcare system by not being counted/included as providers by insurance companies or hospitals. Currently, Medi-Cal and private health plans do not track where CNMs work and what we do. That means our impact is often invisible to policy makers, insurance companies, and the general public—but not to budget administrators, who may well eliminate a CNM “line item” because our worth is not known.                                                                                    

Economic Stability.  Removal of the word “supervision” would expand market opportunities for CNMs and the physicians with whom we collaborate. It will also make it easier for a CNM to obtain hospital privileges and become a full hospital staff member; to work with physicians who are no longer fearful of liability issues; to start a midwife-owned private practice; and to contract with health plans. Likewise, it will be easier for hospitals to hire the appropriate number of CNMs and physicians required for optimal patient care rather than basing hiring decisions on supervision ratios. Removal of supervisory requirements does not, of course, preclude a CNM from working within a physician or hospital group if she or he so chooses.  

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Templates: Letters in support of AB1306

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